Product photography


Professional product photography service

At Lion Creative we know that the visual impact generated by a product or service can determine its success in the market.
For this reason, we work together with the studio of professional photographers Maxmad Photography for product photography and corporate visual communication dedicated exclusively to advertising photography services.

Our studio located in Estepona, Marbella, Málaga, offers a high level service in the quality of staging for product photography, both for the sale and for the presentation of a specific product to the market. We are also dedicated to food photography and jewelry photography, offering both for the gastronomic sector and for the jewelery sector, the possibility of turning your product into a powerful advertising tool through the image.

We have a specialized work group made up of photographers and experts in visual communication of products, complete facilities, with professional photography equipment, scenography set and our own lighting equipment that adapt to the most demanding requirements of our clients


We dominate the area of ​​product photography, offering a professional photographic service that perfectly combines creativity and image quality.

We are the only photo studio in Estepona. Marbella, Malaga, with a product photographer certificate, granted in the USA, which endorses the professionalism and seriousness that we grant in each of our jobs.
Our knowledge and experience in the planning and execution of small projects such as jewelry photography to large integral productions made in our own photographic studio that allow us to carry out unique and creative photographic techniques, such as liquid photography or splash photography, particle freezing, very used on bottle photography, and still life photography ideal for promoting a product in an attractive way and seducing customers with a creative photo set. We offer assured success in the advertising campaign for your brand, product and/or service.

For more questions or information, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


Online sales platforms offer the ideal setting to fully exploit the communication of a product for sale and the quality of product photography is crucial to achieve the visual impact and commercial success needed with e-commerce Photography.

For these cases, our facilities have innovative photographic equipment, as well as lighting management and adequate framing to increase the attractiveness of the product or exploit its most important characteristics, through photography on a white background or pack photography. We have vast experience working for the most recognized sales platforms in the digital world: we offer photography service for eBay; photography for Amazon and photography for Shopify, among others.

Currently, it is essential that your commercial product has a solid presence on e-shop platforms and we are your best option to exploit its creativity and visuals.


Unlike normal photographs, 360º photography, widely used today by more developed companies and businesses, offers a unique, interactive and innovative experience for the user.

This type of product photography technology is the latest in promoting itself as photography for online stores, as it offers a more realistic perspective of the commercial product.
360º photography encompasses all angles and offers creative and interactive usability for potential clients.
We are the only ones with top technology and thus obtain a creative 360º photograph, composed of several manipulable photographs that will allow the user to know the product from all sides and more in detail.

This technology will allow you to be one step ahead of the competition, do not hesitate to ask for this special service through our means of contact.

Food photography

Ensuring that an image can be tasted and reaches the client's palate is a process that requires the specialized equipment, creativity and experience that Maxmad Photography brings to our studio.

We offer a service especially dedicated to the gastronomic trade, planning and executing food photography that our clients offer to the market. We know that an image can become a great ally that awakens desire in the user, so we have creativity in conjunction with the techniques to highlight the colors and textures of your products.

Provide assistance in food photography for catering menus and catalogs, still life photographs or for web platforms and photography for Instagram


The quality and content of images that a company or business offers through its website and/or social networks is key to attract customers and increase sales or retain them longer so that they consume more content from our company with the LifeStyle Photography.

At Lion Creative we develop customized creative and visual plans depending on the objective pursued by each client. We offer photography services for advertising campaigns, in the hands of experts in communication and advertising.
We also have an area dedicated exclusively to photography to optimize websites, either from sales catalogs for businesses, company photographs, staff photography or photography of work situations for those companies that wish to show their internal organization and generate more confidence in the company-client relationship. Finally, we also specialize in lifestyle photography, ideal for small and medium-sized companies that wish to exploit the world of photography for Instagram, Facebook and various social networks with contained and accessible costs.

Generating visual content for your business in a professional way is our goal. You can request a quote for our services today, free of charge, through our media.

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