Graphic Design

The Graphic Design

Graphic design in Lion Creative sets its goal on the need of its customers, creating creatively and specifically from company logo, a brochure, a cataloge, business cards, flyers, proper packaging for your business, the graphics for shop windows, for your car, all the graphics for printing small and large format, the graphics for their billboards, banners, flags, promotional items and more.

Graphic Design

Graphic design studio for every need, as a layout of brochures, catalogs, business cards, flyers, packaging, and all kinds of graphic production.


Logo Design

We create logos with the ability to communicate the exact and perfect message for your company or business.



Small and Large Format Printing

The large format printing to print banners, posters, billboards, signs generally among others.

Small format printing printing on paper, as cards, Flyers, Folders, and others.