It is a set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and society in general. Marketing is also a process that includes the identification of needs and wants of the target market, the formulation of objectives consumer-oriented, building strategies that create a higher value, the implementation of customer relations and retention of consumer value to achieve benefits.
Lion Creative founds its bases in the area of trade promotion and marketing. Over time it became a reference point for those who need to approach these instruments that are vital for any company and project, becoming more efficient the goal to achieve.

Marketing for Business includes services such as Branding, Product Manager, overall company Image, Strategic Marketing, corporate communication, creation of events, style and market research, graphic design, web design, multimedia creation. And other needs that your company may need.

Kind of Marketing

These are Lion Creative's specializations in Marketing

General Consulting
Problem Solving

Marketing Consultancy is a professional service in analyzing the market and use existing information to understand and develop the most appropriate strategy by which the company reach its goal.

in sport

Marketing in sport is a specialization of Lion Creative in the sports area, aimed at all sports entities, whether individual or group


The advertising strategy aims to design a campaign that allows us to achieve a concrete answer we provoke on the target audience, so it is the key to finally a campaign in the advertising world work.