Marketing Consulting

What is Marketing?

It is a set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offers that have value for customers, partners and society in general.
Marketing is also a process that includes the identification of needs and desires of the target market, the formulation of consumer-oriented objectives, the construction of strategies that create superior value, the implementation of relationships with the consumer and the retention of consumer value. to achieve profit.

Why choose us as a Marketing agency?

Lion Creative founds its bases in the field of commercial promotion and Marketing.
Over time it became a point of reference for those who need to approach these instruments that are of vital importance for every company and project, making the objective to be achieved more and more efficient.

Since its inception, it has been dedicated to developing marketing plans focused on increasing the potential of each company, thus achieving an optimal response to demand and an improved positioning in the market. Currently, with more than two decades of experience and international experience, the headquarters are in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and has an interdisciplinary work team in Estepona, Marbella, Málaga, made up of professionals specialized in traditional marketing; digital marketing; management and advertising development and business communication. Marketing for companies includes services such as Branding, Product Manager, General company image, Strategic Marketing, company communication, event creation, style and market study, graphic design, web design, multimedia creation.

A solution for every need in one place.

Types of Marketing

Marketing Services at Lion Creative

General Counseling
Problem Solving

Comprehensive analysis of the company, planning and execution of appropriate marketing strategies and problem solving.


We develop the appropriate plan of advertisements for publication in different media.


We carry out commercial strategies based on current sales, focusing on the product or service of each particular client.


We carry out digital media marketing strategies. Management of Social Networks and their planning.


We analyze the behavior of the market and consumers, detecting their needs, their habits and we find a way to satisfy them.

Optimization and
creation of texts

We create textual content optimized for different advertising campaigns or for traditional or digital Marketing strategies.

Market research service

The first step that guarantees the success of a business marketing plan is to carry out a serious and competent market study.
With the aim of achieving optimal marketing advice and designing the appropriate strategies for your company, Lion Creative's team of professionals offers a thorough investigation of the market and industry, including the analysis of potential clients, the study of products and services provided by each client and the study of the existing competition.

Our initial diagnosis allows us to establish the bases from which to jointly develop the exact marketing tools that allow you to increase the business credibility and market share of your venture. In this way, we will be able to obtain an integrative look and know the know-how of your company that allows us to advise you on both internal and external strategic communication through suitable communication channels; generate sales strategies in relation to the prices and quality of the products or services offered and ensure you get a good portion of the market pie. Our experience in various American and European markets and our impressive track record are our undisputed hallmark.

Get a tailored plan today to witness the exponential growth of your business.

Management and advertising service

Knowing how to communicate an idea clearly and exactly is the key point to guarantee a good reception in the market and to generate solid customer loyalty with the promoted brand or product.

That is why at Lion Creative we have an area specialized in advertising management, whose objective is focused on the creation of advertising content for a creative, clear and attractive promotion of business products. Our advertising, design and business communication professionals are dedicated to the creation of specific advertising campaigns for each brand, studying the image and identity of each company, analyzing the product or idea to be disseminated, the media for advertising campaigns and the exact market in which to promote it. Our vast experience of 20 years in advertising management endorses us as a professional and level option to advertise your business.

To learn more about our creative team, contact us and we can advise you.

Advice and management of Digital Marketing and Social media

Currently, digital marketing is a powerful and indisputable dissemination tool and any business that seeks the global success of its product or brand, must keep up to date and adapt to the positioning strategies offered by virtual platforms and social networks such as Instagram , Facebook, youtube, whatsapp, viber, Telegram or Pinterest.

As a cutting-edge marketing agency, at Lion Creative we know that in the world of social media, the creation of digital content and communication on social networks are key to dominating the digital market. For this reason, we offer a specialized service dedicated exclusively to strategic digital marketing, developing customized plans for each client that includes social media management and good email marketing management. We provide ongoing advice on social media strategy planning, the keys to maintaining online reputation and a complete content marketing package.

We are at your disposal for any query or request for a quote, through our communication channels.

Optimized content creation service

Once the digital communication medium and the visual identity of a business have been established, the next and fundamental step to achieve a good arrival in the market is to generate attractive, fluid and specific written content.

As an integral part of our business marketing service, we offer specialized assistance in the creation of texts for your digital platforms and social networks, based on appropriate communication strategies for each company. With the business know-how, our professionals will be able to advise you on the specific marketing communication tools to use and establish the ideal parameters to generate optimal content marketing.

To achieve excellent digital media communication for your business, we offer the writing of optimized content for search engines in the virtual market, as well as optimization of existing texts and communication advice.

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